Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's the first day of a new year, which seemed like the perfect time to launch a brand new blog on a subject I've been wanting to blog about for a long time.

Welcome, then, to Hired Minds. As the subtitle notes, the blog is about consultants, contractors, temps, and any other sort of company "hired gun", or outside help/expert brought in to advise or work on a project. It's a pretty broad subject, since the people that do these things perform a very wide variety of roles, especially these days. However, I wanted to create a blog about it since, despite the massive range of blogs out there for all kinds of jobs, companies, and industries, I couldn't find much for the world of modern hired office help. Considering the important role we play in the contemporary workforce, that seemed like a gap needing to be filled. Thus, Hired Minds.

The next few posts will discuss what I hope to achieve with this blog, why I picked the name, who I am, and all that good stuff. For now, though, I'm celebrating the beginning of a new year, and hope it's a good one for you too.