Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where I Am Now

Yep, it's been a while, alright. As you can see, I took a rather extended hiatus from blogging. Finishing grad school took up most of my time in late 2010, and I needed a break from writing for a while. I stayed away much longer than I intended to, though, due to various life and career developments, and thus this year I made a resolution to start blogging again in 2013 and to post every day if I can, even if it is something short. Thus far, I've been keeping that up, with only a couple of exceptions (and even then, I make up the posts later on).

My new blogging home is here. I moved over to Tumblr because I like what that platform has to offer, though in updating this blog, I remembered why I liked Blogger too. So for now, that's where you can find me. While it is more of a random, whatever-is-on-my-mind-today type of blog than this one was, I still do cover topics related to this blog from time to time.

I plan on keeping this blog up for archival purposes, at least for the time being. I did update the sidebars to reflect that this blog is no longer being updated and removed the links since I will not be maintaining them going forward. I haven't ruled out restarting this blog someday, but it will not be in the near future.

I know this blog didn't get a ton of readers, but it had some, and I am glad you stopped by while I wrote here. I hope you check out my new place too. Thanks again for reading!

--T.M., 2/24/13