Monday, August 9, 2010

Always Improve Your Position

Sometimes, I decide that I want to write about a topic on this blog only to find out that someone has already done it, and very well at that.

When I was doing a Google search for the quote "Always improve your position," which I like but couldn't remember where I heard it from, I came across a great post on The Simple Dollar. Titled "It Doesn't Matter What Your Position Is Right Now, You Can Do Better", it says everything I wanted to and then some. I was already an occasional reader of the blog, and great posts like this remind me why I need to keep up with it.

While the blog and the post is about personal finance, I think it applies equally well in the world of work as well. So think of one thing you can do today to improve your position, whether it be revising your resume, doing a Google News search for articles on a company you're interested it, or even something as simple as shining your shoes.

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