Monday, August 16, 2010

The Minnesota Blogger Conference

I'm planning to attend the Minnesota Blogger Conference on Saturday, September 11 in St. Paul. Here's why:

  • With all of the talk about social media helping people connect online, it's crucial to remember that networking in person is just as important (and some would still say more so). As useful as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be, there's really no substitute for meeting someone face-to-face and shaking their hand if you get the chance.
  • Furthermore, just as networking is important, so to is taking advantage of opportunities to learn about what you do from experienced experts. The list of speakers is impressive and a good representation of the Minnesota blogging community.
  • Finally, and perhaps the most important reason for me personally, is that I haven't done something like this before, and to be honest it is a bit outside my comfort zone. I'm not always the most social or outgoing person in the world, and I'm trying hard to change that. I know that small steps outside one's comfort zone in a safe environment are a good way to grow and get more comfortable with uncertainty, so that's exactly what I plan on doing.
So, if you're local and you're interested in blogging, check it out, since it looks like it will be a great event from what I've seen so far. And maybe, just maybe, I will get some ideas for making this a better blog as well.

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